Our Approach

“Certainly you want your home to be comfortable and up-to-date, but wouldn’t you also prefer a healthier living space that is kinder to the environment? We can help you with this.”

Eco-friendly materials we use:

  • Demolition lumber from your home
  • Good quality recycled lumber
  • FSC certified lumber- sustainably grown and harvested- when available
  • Engineered lumber made from wood fiber harvested from farm grown trees rather than old growth forests
  • Water and energy saving fixtures and appliances
  • Fiber-cement siding- economical, won’t rot, insect proof, fire-resistant

IMGP4556We work with subcontractors who can provide:

  • Carpets free of toxic glues
  • Marmoleum floor coverings rather than vinyl
  • Bamboo or recycled wood flooring
  • Solar electricity
  • High efficiency furnaces for forced air heat
  • Indoor paints that emit little or no volatile organic compounds and other hazardous substances
  • Cabinets built with sustainably harvested wood
  • A cool roof, which uses sun-reflecting roofing to significantly reduce the heat gain inside your home

05IMGP4528Renaissance Remodelers will give you a home that is:

  • Built to last
  • More comfortable to live in
  • A healthier place for your family
  • Energy-efficient and therefore less expensive to operate