Client Stories

IMG_0295Going green

Before moving into her newly purchased vintage 70’s home, the client hired Renaissance Remodelers to give the place a total makeover. In keeping with her green sensibility, and ours, we reused or recycled much of the demolition lumber, almost all of the interior and exterior trim wood, the old cabinets and many of the plumbing fixtures. All new appliances met the Energy Star rating, and the owner chose low-flow toilets with a dual flush feature. The new wood floors were bamboo and the kitchen and bath cabinets were from a green manufacturer. We used non-formaldehyde fiberglass insulation, and all the decking was made of Trex, a recycled wood and plastic product.
The plans for the master bedroom called for the addition of a small dormer to brighten the room and provide a view. However, the client was concerned about budget issues. So we put our heads together and decided to place an eye-level skylight in the area with a sloped ceiling. This gave her the light and the view she wanted and saved her thousands of dollars at the same time.

600xIMGP4533Talk about curb appeal…

After we completed an extensive addition to the back of her home, this client wanted to install a new front door and update the entry. Since the area was, well…to put it politely, rather drab, we decided to take the project a little further. First we removed the faux brick, then cleaned up the existing siding and added new siding to fill in where necessary. With the new door, the Connecticut blue stone landing, new gutters and paint, the front of the home took on an inviting new look.

IMGP4547From spider webs to the Samba

The client owns one of the original homes in the Sun Valley area of San Rafael. Built in the early part of the last century, it had a large attic crawl space filled with cobwebs, dust and old wiring. Dreaming of converting the space into a dance studio, she wondered if we could find a location in the lower floor where a stairway could be run up into the attic without ruining the existing rooms.

We found two adjacent closets where we were able to fit a stairway. For the dance floor we leveled and reinforced the old joists and then installed a maple hardwood floor over a plywood subfloor. After redoing the wiring, installing windows and skylights, and strengthening the roof rafters with collar ties, the new studio was ready for those dancing feet. As a bonus, we also found space for a bathroom, two closets, storage, a dormer nook for a guest futon, and a desk and filing cabinets for her office.